Ka Nom E

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is one of those desserts that is very simple to make, yet makes a great compliment to any meal. I personally love this dessert because it chewy texture combined with the sweet coconut syrup just melts in your mouth. And it gets better with every bite as the palm sugar flavor just linger in your mouth. Therefore I love making this dessert a few times a year. Usually during the moon festival and Chinese New Year, because it of it round shapes it represent longevity.

Now there are many different versions of this yummy chewy balls dessert. Some would have bean stuffing in them, some would add taro, sweet potato and even pumpkin. Of course it different region it would also be call differently. I only have three flavor preferences of these little balls. One would be the plain one with nothing else but coconut palm sugar to compliment it. The others would be the taro and the pumpkin version. As for this version it would be the simplest version, the plain one and it also known as the Thai dessert version. Of course, as for the syrup you can omitted the coconut if you don’t like creamy version and use rock sugar, malt or palm sugar would compliment it nicely.

Next time I will make the pumpkin version.


1 Cup of glutinous rice flour
1 Tsp of clear vanilla (optional)
1 Tbsp of wheat starch (make it nice and soft)
¾ Cup of boiling water plus 3 cups for boiling
2 Cup of coconut milk
¾ Cup of palm sugar
A pine of salt

• You can add some food coloring into it to make it more pretty and fun to eat.


1. Bring water to boil.
2. In a large bowl, add the flour and wheat starch and make a well in the center.
3. Slowly pour ½ cup of the boiling water in a little at a time to and stir until it is the right consistency. If it too wet add some more flour, if too dry add some more water.
4. Now knead the flour until it pliable.
5. Dusting your finger with some flour, take a nickel size dough and roll it into a ball.
6. Drop the ball into the boiling water to cook it. When it floats up it done.
7. Meanwhile you can make the syrup by bring the coconut milk to boil. Then add the sugar and salt. When it completely boiled, turn off and set aside.
8. After the balls are done. Remove from the water and add into the coconut milk syrup.

Serve hot.

Sesame Ball

Monday, November 15, 2010

Growing up with my grandmother and aunt was fills with memories of goodies snacks and desserts that they would make every so often and sesame ball was one of those that everyone loved. There just something so good about this crispy, chewy outside and yet sweet and creamy filling that I can’t really put my finger on. This is one of those dessert or snack that comes in many variations from all part of Asia. There the mung bean, red bean, sweet meat and sesame and coconut. Of course, my family version is often a combination of sweet mung bean. As for my version I like it with sweet mung and coconut. Of course, you can always invent your own version. I used to live not far from this Hong Kong bakery that have their in sweet version and the shelf being chewy and thick instead of thin and crispy and it was one of the best I had thus far. My point is that if you play with your filling and find that one that fit your taste bud. Remember cooking is not about following orders to perfection, but about creativity and flares that fits your taste bud. That what makes it the more enjoyable!


6 Cups of vegetable oil for deep frying
½ Cup of white sesame seeds
¾ Cups of brown sugar or malt sugar
1 1/3 Cup of boiling water
3 Cups of glutinous rice flour
1 Cup of filling (mung bean and coconut)


1- In a wok or pot, preheat the oil to hot about 350 F degrees. Make sure that your pot is deep enough so that the oil would be at least 4 inches deep and be able to submerge the dough ball completely.
2- Next dissolve the brown or malt sugar with 1 cup of boiling water.
3- In a large bowl, put the flour in there and make a well. Then slowly pour the boiling sugar water into it and stir until the dough is blend and sticky. If it not blending you can use the 1/3 cup of boiling water, it needed. Now knead the dough until it smooth and pliable.
4- Taking out a dollar size at a time, roll it your palms and make a ball out of it. Then flatten it and add the filling in the middle and slowly bring the side up to completely cover the filling. Roll it back into a ball.
5- Now wet your finger in water and roll the ball around your ball to semi wet it. Then dip it in the sesame seeds to fully coat it.
6- Last but not least drop the ball into the hot oil. Cook until it light golden and floating up, it is done.
7- Remove and place on top of paper towel to remove any access oil.

Serve hot and enjoy!

Spaghetti with Shrimp Alfredo Sauce

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Of all the spaghetti this got to be my oldest son favorite. It would have been mine too if it not for the calories, but I can’t deny how much I do enjoy eating this creamy melts in your mouth dish. As long as I could remembered this is always one of my favorite dish that would order in an Italian restaurant and would often rate if they are good are not by this dish and the garlic bread. Sadly, as I got older I have to cut back on my calorie intake due to my waistline expanding. It doesn’t help that I truly and utterly just love food! Alas, when I do make this spaghetti version it often to accompany our night in with steak and a nice glass of wine. And it a plus to see the smile on my son face after he take his first bite and going back for second and third. My joy for the day is accomplished.


½ Packet of spaghetti or any pasta you like
¼ Cup of butter + 1 Tbsp
½ Of jumbo shirmps or scallops
1 Cup of heavy cream
3 Garlic cloves, minced
1 Cup of parmesan cheese
½ Cup of Romano cheese
A pinch of nutmeg
Salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil for drizzling over noodle


1. Cook the pasta to package instruction. When it el dente, remove from heat and run cold water over it stopped the cooking process. Then drizzle some olive oil on it and toss well to prevent it from sticking together.
2. In another heated sauce pan, melt the butter. Then add the garlic and give it a stir a couple of time.
3. Next add the heavy cream and stir constantly and bring to boil. Reduce the heat to low and add the nutmeg, cheese, salt and pepper. When the sauce is thicken it is done. Set aside.
4. Now in another pan, melt some the 1 tablespoon of butter and then add the shrimps and cook for 3 minutes or until pink. Then add into the sauce.
5. Lastly slowly pour the pasta into the sauce and toss a couple times to completely cover it.
6. Serve hot with some grate parmesan cheese..Yum..Yum

Pesto Sauce

If you like both pine nuts and sweet basil, then this is the perfect sauce for you. My first experienced with pesto sauce was at Olive Garden a very long time ago. I didn’t know what it was called back than, I just know that it tasted soooo yummy with grill salmon! From that day on I was determined to learn the recipe and indulged! At last, I finally found this simple yet delicious recipe.
There not much to this recipe except make sure that the pine nuts is of good quality. If you used bad pine nuts, the consequence would be very bitter. And I meant literally. Not long ago, as I was trying to clean my pantry, I noticed a bag of pine nuts that seem good yet open. Not wanting to be wasteful I decided to make some yummy pesto sauce to go with my spaghetti and steak night in.
I combined both the new package and the rest of the old package. Well the result was superb. It look great and taste great, the only con was that the very next day I have this bitter taste in the back of my mouth. Of course, didn’t know the cause of it I naturally think that I was sick or something. Anyway, it took a whole week and plus some to get rid of that awful taste. Needless to say, nothing tasted good during that whole process.
Anyway to make the story short, I didn’t realize that it was the pine nut that causing it until it happen the second time. Then I did some thinking and google pine nuts and found that bad pine nuts can leave that bitterness in the back of your mouth.
So that little rascal can do some damage if you’re not careful with it.
Disregarding that one little minor set back, I still love pesto sauce and I put mine on everything from steak, fish, vegetables to pasta. Its just one of those sauces that so good you can’t put down.
Beside from that fact, enjoy and have fun making it….if you still want to make some.


1 Cup basil
½ Cup pine nuts
3 Garlic cloves
¼ Cup extra virgin olive oil
½ Cup parmesan cheese
¼ Cup romano cheese
½ Tsp ground pepper
Salt to taste


There not much to this sauce, except to put everything in the food processor and mix well. Serve as is.

Babies Theme Cake

Sorry been away for so long. With all that going on in my life right now, I have too much to get process all at once. Anyway, glad to get back on track and start to post again. Now let get started.

In this past couple of months I had made two cakes. One was for my baby boy 1st Summer Lua birthday bash. Therefore I decided to make an island inspired cake with teddy grams and fishes splashing around the water oasis. I used the same Asian sponge cake recipe and whipping. I got this idea from Parent’s Magazine and decided to do a Lua thyme with it. It was a great success! We had great food, great time with families and friends.

The second cake was for my little princess 3rd birthday. For some reasons, maybe because it winter and cold outside, we never have a chance to make her a lavish birthday party…including this year. In quote from my cousin “this is the saddest birthday party ever” of course maybe it is because we didn’t invited anyone. We just want to celebrate our princess birthday on quieter note. Just with the people that love her most, her family.
Now as for the cake, it was not hard to make at all. It was just a little tedious work with all the gum paste coral that was made overnight, but it turn beautifully. And the plus side was that she had fun helping me roll and cut them too! It was a great way to spend quality time with my birthday girl. As for the icing, well that wasn’t too hard, but a bit of a mess to clean up. In the end it was all worth the effort and time. As a mom, I feel that whatever little I have, I will make it an effort to do whatever I can for my kids big or small. And hopefully they can pass this tradition down to their own kids one day with sweet memories of growing up.

Here are the recipe for the Asian sponge cake and whipped cream icing..All you need is some food colors and creativity...
Babies Birthday Cake

Ginger Chicken

Friday, September 10, 2010

If you ever had ginger chicken before, than you know that there are many ways to make them. Every restaurant have their own version of how it done. I for one don’t really like the one in the Chinese restaurant, due to the fact that it is too soggy and have too many ingredients. For me, ginger chicken only require two main ingredients and that is ginger and chicken. I want to be able to taste the spiciness of the semi crispy ginger and tender chicken, no other overpowering flavor needed. Of course, oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and pepper are an addition that also a must to perfect the dish!

Growing up ginger chicken is our favorite dish to make and eat. As mention before, we love our ginger and chicken to be crispy and with lots of pepper.
Beside from the fact that ginger taste good, it also very good for you. It is known to regulate your blood flow due to it heat factor. This is also a very popular dish for women post baby, to help their body heal and regulated itself. Not to mention it other benefit for nauseate, gas, stomachache, headache, but we’re not going to get to into that today.
The point is that ginger is just plain good for you and taste absolutely delicious no mater what you add to it!


8 oz Chicken thigh or breast thinly slice into strip
Cup of ginger cut into thin strings
1 Tbsp of soy sauce
1 Tbsp of fish sauce
1 Tsp of oyster sauce
½ Tsp of dark soy sauce
1 Tbsp of vegetable oil
A couple dash of white pepper
Lots of black pepper or to taste


1. In a hot wok add half of the oil.
2. When oil is hot, stir the ginger until it is lightly golden.
3. Remove the ginger and set aside.
4. Add the remaining oil and add the sliced chicken to the hot wok.
5. Add the dark soy sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, salt, oyster sauce and pepper.
6. Stir until it is fully cooked and all the liquid is evaporate.
7. Stir in the ginger and stir for a couple times.
8. Remove from heat and serve with hot steaming rice!

Seafood Wonton Soup

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The best soup are the one that are home made and from the heart, but with so many things to do and catch up, who has time for home made right? That is the sad part of today busy mom world. Having a meal on the table at all is a task to itself. Although I find that this to be true for me before in a bigger city and more demanding job, but now in a lazy slower pace town, I find time to make what is good for my family. It is not always completely from scratch, but always from the heart and it home cooked.
In Chinese culture, the most meaningful food to make for someone is soup. For soup is believed to be essential to balance energy and bring them back to health from sickness.
Beside from that fact it also time consuming to make soup, for you have to cook it at a medium to low heat to get the best flavor and benefit out of it.


1 Package of dumping wrapper
12 Shrimps
6 Scallops
1 Tsp of minced ginger
1 Tbsp of minced scallion
1 Tsp of sesame oil
½ Salt
A couple of dash of white pepper
1 Tbsp of soy sauce
1 Tsp of rice wine
1 Tbsp of baking soda
1 Egg white
1 Package of fish balls or shrimp balls
5 Pieces of bak choy cut in halves


1 Package chicken bone
1 Package pork neck bone
1 Dried turnip
6 dried shrimps
2 Inches ginger
1 Onion
1 Tsp of kosher salt
2 Tbsp of fish sauce
2 Tbsp of chicken soup base

Or use the ready made wonton powder soup base to taste.


1. Make the soup by using ready made wonton soup base or boiling some pork neck bone and chicken bone for 2 hours with some ginger, onion, dried turnip and dried shrimp. Add kosher salt and fish sauce to taste.
2. Clean the shrimps and scallops and chop them into small desire size.
3. In a bowl add the baking soda and enough water to cover the shrimp and scallop and let sit for 30 minutes.
4. When it done rinse the baking soda out completely. Then mix the egg white and a couple dash of salt and message into the shrimps and scallops. Let it sit for another 15 minutes.
5. After the 15 minutes up, add the sesame oil, rice wine, salt, soy sauce, ginger, scallion, white pepper and mix well.
6. In a small pot pour enough water and bring to boil.
7. Placing the dumpling wrapper in your palm, scope a teaspoon size filling and place it in the middle. Now wrap it up by simply twisting into a small pouch with wet water finger or using some oil.
8. When all the wonton is ready, slowly lower into the boiling water and cook for a good 8 minutes. You can also blanch the bak choy at this time too.
9. Remove and place in the serving bowl adding the soup and some scallion.
10. Serve hot and enjoy!

Chicken Curry with Rice Vermicelli

Thursday, July 22, 2010

As I mentioned before, my favorite dish of all time is anything with noodle in it. In our house, it called “noodle head” and there a couple of us that can be labeled as that! Although rice vermicelli is not really consider as your traditional noodle, but nevertheless it is such as good if done right and with the right soup base. Now this is one of those dishes that is very popular in Southeast Asian where spices is their everyday life. And after tasting so many different curries dishes, I can state that every culture and family has their own version on how it is done.

This version that I am making is my family version that been passed down by my grandma. I remember getting up early in the morning to help cook, because she would make two big giant pot so that she can give it to all her five children and their family. Not to forget her neighbor too. Therefore, she usually make enough to feed 30 plus people and that meant lots of coconut grating, lemon grass mincing and the mortar always busy pounding away.
Of course this is the long and old fashion way where everything is made from scratch. In the end, the result is authentic and tasted splendid!

Now let face fact, not everyone is a homemaker that would actually have the time to do all this from scratch, so I came up with a shorter version and taste very close to how I remembered how my grandma curry used to be. Of course, if she ever found out I did this she would have a field day with me, but what she doesn’t know doesn’t hurt right?
Then again, I have both the long and easy version, so I am pretty much guilt free…or at least I hope to be….lol


6 Lemon grasses
Handful of kaffier lime
5 Dried chili pods soak in hot water to soften
1” turmeric
4 Garlic cloves
In a mortar or food processor mash the above ingredient to fine and paste like. Now you have your homemade curry paste.
1 Tbsp of powder curry
(For a shortcut, you can use 2 Tbsp of Thai yellow curry + 1 Tsp of curry powder instead of the above ingredients)
1 Large can of coconut juice or 3 to 4 Cup of fresh squeeze coconut milk
1 Tbsp of oyster sauce
1 Tbsp of sugar
1 Tsp of shrimp paste
1 Tbsp of vegetable oil
½ Cup of fish sauce or to taste
1 Tsp of kosher salt or to taste
3 Tsp of chicken soup flavor powder
1 Organic chicken cut into small desire pieces
1 Large can of bamboo shoot
2 Large yellow onions
1 Handful of Asian green bean cut diagonally
3 Asian eggplants cut diagonally
2 Potato cut into 2’ cubes (optional)


1 Handful of sweet basil
Fresh Thai chills
Bean sprout
Thinly sliced green been
Thinly sliced cucumber
Thinly sliced cabbage


4 to 5 Jalapenos
2 Cloves of garlic
1 Tsp of kosher salt
2 to 3 Tbsp of lime juice

This is the sauce that I made for dipping the chicken and vegetable in. It also great to put in the noodle to “give it a kick” BAM! Lol
In a mortar mash everything together and add the lime juice to taste. Set aside.


1. In a 10 quart pot, heat to hot. Add the vegetable oil, wait a couple of seconds to bring the oil to hot. Stir in the curry paste, oyster sauce, half of the fish sauce, salt and stir until aroma and lightly golden.
2. Now stir in half of the coconut milk and bring to boil. If using the ¼ of the can, use half at a time with about a cup.
3. Add the chicken and stir until gently. Slowing adding the rest of the coconut milk, chicken flavor soup base, the rest of the salt and enough water to cover the chicken. I used coconut can to measure 3 to 4 cups of water, depending how thick you want the curry to be.
4. After it boil bring to heat to medium.
5. About 10 minutes before it done, put all the vegetable and let it cook.
6. In another pot, add enough water and bring to boil. Cook the vermicelli according to package.
7. Remove from heat and run cold water on it to stop the cooking process.
8. With your two index fingers pick the noodle up and form a circle around your palm.
9. Wring the water out of it and place on a strainer to dry.
10. Serve by placing the noodle and vegetable and herbs in a bowl while pouring the curry soup on top of it.
11. For a kick add the jalapeno and garlic sauce.

Ahi Tuna Salad

This is a great dish if you’re looking for a lite and filling snack without all of the calories. I especially enjoy this dish, because the tangy sauce just compliments the Ahi tuna and crispy salad. This is can be serve alone before the main course as a salad dish. The plus side is that it is so easy to make and in such little time.


½ Lb of fresh Ahi sushi grade Tuna
2 Tbsp of soy sauce
1 Tbsp of wasabi
1 Tsp of minced ginger
1 Tsp of minced cilantro
1 Tbsp of sesame oil
1 Tbsp of rice vinegar
1 Bag of baby Spinach clean


1. Make the sauce by mixing the sesame oil, wasabi, soy sauce, rive vinegar, minced cilantro and ginger. Set aside.
2. Heat the skillet to hot. Place the tuna and sear for 1 minute on each side.
3. Remove from heat and slice into long thin stripe.
4. To serve place the sear ahi tuna over the baby spinach and lightly drizzle the dressing over it. Serve right away.

Sticky Rice Ball

I love, love this sticky rice ball dessert. The plus side is that it is so easy to make. With very little time require and methods, this is one the dessert that you can easily impress your kids and guest alike. I for one never really have the need to make it when it so readily available in the hometown where I used to live in. Now since moving so far away in an isolated, no Asian food place, I have learn to make this with ease and confident. The only hard part is the coconut grating part. Otherwise this will be a easy as pie recipe.

The texture is so worth it though. With a slight sweetness chewy and sticky rice on the outside and sweet, melts in your mouth palm sugar in the inside is just to die for! The coconut meat is just added the perfect combination to both of this texture, making it crunchy and creamy, yet so delightful. This is a must try recipe, even just for the sake of trying!

2 Cups glutinous rice flour
½ Cup of palm sugar (filling)
1 Cup Hot boiling water
1 Cup freshly grated coconut meat
1 Tsp of vanilla extract
¼ Cup of granulated sugar


1. Smashed the palm sugar to thumb sizes. Set aside.
2. Grated the coconut meat and set aside.
3. In a clean bowl, pour the flour in it and make a well in the center.
4. Slowly pour the hot water into it and mix well. Be sure to do it a little at a time so that you’ll get the right consistency. Use a wooden spoon to blend the flour together until it pliable.
5. Now knead the dough in your hand for a couple of minute.
6. Meanwhile, in a small pot pour enough water to ¾ full and bring to boil.
7. Pull out a quarter size ball and flatten it. Place the thumb size palm sugar in the middle and close it up by kneading it until it looks like a ball.
8. Now drop the ball into the boil water. It will sink down to the bottom of the pan. Once it floats up, it is done. Pick it up and let it cool off for a couple of minute.
9. To finish this dessert just roll is in the grated coconut meat and serve hot.
10. Carefully when biting into it, because the palm sugar in the center is very hot and runny.

Honey Pecan Shrimps

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is a crispy on the outside and soft and moist inside shrimps that is perfected with the enhance by the creaminess of the mayo and sweetness of the honey with a hint of tangy from the lemon juice. It one of those dish that just melts in your mouth and you can’t help but have more than one. I for one love this rich dish even though I feel very guilty stuffing my face in it. For this very reason I tried not to make it too often. In fact, I made only twice a year. One for Chinese New Year and another time around my eldest son birthday, because he just love it. He said that he can never have enough of it! Now that he moved out, I will have to make this more often to lure him to visit me. lol There not much preparation to this dish, only to coat it in flour, fry and coat it with real mayo and honey. A very simple dish to make, yet bursting with flavor that still linger even after you swallow it. It will leave a great impression if you aim to press your guest or your family once in awhile. It always did for me!


1 Lb jumbo shrimps, peel and devein
½ Cup corn starch or rice flour or all purposed flour
2 Egg beaten
1 Tbsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice
3 Tbsp of real mayo
Salt to taste
1 Tbsp of condensed milk
1 Tbsp of honey or to sweetness taste
5 Tbsp of water
¼ Cup of sugar
½ Pecan (originally walnut is used)


1. Heat the flyer to hot or if using pot, heat enough oil to hot. About 2 cups of oil.
2. Bring a little water to boil and add the pecan. Cook for a minute remove. Strain out the water and set aside.
3. Peel and devein shrimps then clean it and set aside.
4. In a mixing bowl beat egg together to blend.
5. In another bowl place the corn starch flour and set aside.
6. Dip the shrimp into the egg and let it sit for ten minutes.
7. Now drain the eggs out and dip the shrimps into the flour and coat well. Divided it into three to four batches.
8. Place in the hot oil and cook until shrimp turn pink and fully cook. About 3-5 minutes. Remove and set on towel to take the oil out and makes it crispy.
9. Do this to until all the shrimps is cook.
10. Now while your last batch of shrimps is being cook, mix all the ingredients together such as the mayo, lemon juice, honey and condensed milk and salt to taste. Set aside.
11. In a small non stick pot, heat the water and sugar until boil. When it boil lower the heat to medium and stir until it turn amber and slightly thicken.
12. Remove from the heat add the pecan to sugar coat it.
13. Now add the cook shrimps to the mayo sauce and toss a couple of time to couple it completely.
14. Serve hot and garnish with the sweet pecan.

Sa lor Ma Chiu Karung

Friday, June 25, 2010

I am not going to write a lot about this soup only that it is an exceptional Cambodian dish that I have ever learn to make. In the Khmer culture if you can cook this soup, then it meant you can cook! The reason being that it require some time to prepared the herbs and spices to get ready for this soup. Of course, once you got the basic herbs and spices down, you can most certainly cook most Khmer dishes due to it similar ingredients and methods.
Also I would like to add that even though the taste should be very sharp with it perfect harmony of sweet and sour, every family will have their version of meat and vegetable preferences. I do mine version by observing and trying many different kind before deciding that this is the flavor I set out to accomplished.
Overall, I like mine thick and with lots of chewy texture meat and tendon. Sometime I would add beef tripe too, to make it taste super yummy. Mostly importantly bold and sharp is the word to best describe the flavor of this soup.


1 Lb beef stew meat cut into cube
½ Lb beef tendon cut into thumb size pieces
½ Cup grind lemon grass (about 6 to 8 whole)
½ Tsp of turemic powder or small thumb size fresh one, grind
¼ Cup fish sauce
1 Tbsp of vegetable oil
1 Tsp kosher salt
1 Tbsp of oyster sauce
2 Tbsp of chicken soup flavor powder
4 Clove garlic
4 Jalapeno
1 Handful of morning glory cut three time.
1/2 Cup kaffir lime leaves grind
2 Tbsp of tamarind soup flavor powder
1 Winter melon gourd
6 Round Asian egg plants
1 Cup celery sliced diagonally


1. Clean and cut the beef and tendon, set aside in refrigerator.
2. Finely cut the lemon grass, lime leaves, fresh galaga, garlic, fresh termine and put in the grinder and grind until fine and almost paste like. If using the dry version, put in the grinder to blend too.
3. Heat a 5 quarts pot to hot. Add the vegetable oil to hot. Add the herb mixture, oyster sauce, fish sauce, salt and stir until lightly golden.
4. Add the meat and tendon and enough water to cover the meat.
5. Bring it to boil and turn to heat to medium and let it shimmer until tender. I let mine sit for 1 hour and 20 minutes, because you want the tendon to tender but not over cook the meat.
6. Ten minutes before it done, add the whole jalapeno, slice celery, melon and egg plant and shimmer.
7. When the vegetable is semi, add the morning glory and turn off and remove from the stove. Don’t overcooked the vegetable, because it will continue to cook even if remove from heat when it in soup form.

Duran Cake

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I made this cake for my daughter 2nd birthday awhile back. Although, it was a very rich cake, but it very good because it light in sweetness. I love that in Asian cake, everything is very fluffy and light making it feels like you're eating cotton candy just with very little sugar. I can never get enough of this cake, especially
with whipped cream and duran filling! This cake recipe is not for the fainted heart that doesn't like the taste or the smell of duran. So thread with caution!


Duran Whip Filling

1 Cup heavy whipping cream
½ Cup mash frozen duran
1 Cup powder sugar
1 Tbsp of clear gelatin
3 Tsp of hot water


1. In a cool metal bowl whip the egg to foam.
2. While the heavy cream is whipping, dissolve the gelatin and powder sugar into hot water until melt.
3. Pour the mixture into the whip cream and beat until almost whip cream stage.
4. Add the duran.
5. Place in the refrigerator to set, about 45 minutes.

Whip Cream Icing

2 Cup of heavy cream
1 Cup sugar
1 Tbsp of clear gelatin
3 Tbsp of hot water

The method is the same as the above just without the duran being added.

Asian Chiffon Cake

1 ½ Cup of cake flour ( for 1 Cup of flour used only 6 to 7 eggs)
½ Tsp of baking powder
½ Cup of Sugar + 2 Tbsp
¼ Tsp cream of tartar
½ Cup of water
¼ Cup of oil
1 Tsp of vanilla extract
9 Eggs separated


1. Preheat over to bake at 350 F.
2. Shift the cake flour and baking powder.
3. In a blender, blend the oil, sugar and water.
4. Add the egg yolks and vanilla extract, blend on medium for a couple of minutes.
5. Slowly pour the flour and blend well or until pale yellow and fluffy, about 1 minutes or so.
6. In another cold metal bowl, whip the eggs white to foamy, add the cream of tartar and sugar to stiff. When you turn the bowl upside down, the egg would stay in shape and not off.
7. Now slowly fold the flour into the eggs white. Do not over mix or it will deflated.
8. Grease two 8 inches round pan and lined with parchment paper on the side. Slowly pour the batter into it.
9. Bake for 35- 45 minutes or until golden amber and a toothpick is clean when poke in the center.
10. Remove from oven and let it cool for 5 minutes. Then move to a cake rake to cool for at least a couple of hours or more.
11. When the duran cooled, spread the duran icing between the two or four layers.
12. Ice the outside and top of the cake with the whip cream icing.
13. Using the ready made fondant, color and decorated as desired.

My pineapple Tart

I have made this sometime at the beginning of Spring. I was inspired by the beautiful bloom in my garden, so I decided to make a flower shape version. Even though it is Summer now, I feel that I should post this anyway, just because it so yummy! This pineapple tart is so good, that you can’t have just one. The flaky melts in your mouth pastry is a perfect combination with the sweet and tangy pineapple jam. Taste great with a cup of coffee or tea. I tried not to make this yummy tart too often, for a have a tendency to eat too much in one sitting. Luckily, my oldest son loves it too and he would be the one that usually help me finish it.

This cookies is not hard to make, but is does require the right amount of ingredients and right oven temperature.


Pineapple Jam

2 Pineapple
2 Tbsp corn syrup
1 Tbsp brown sugar
1 Tsp ground cinnamon
½ Cup of granulated sugar


1. Cut and clean pineapple. Remove all the seeds. And put it in the food processor and pulse three to four time. You want it chunky not well blend.
2. Remove from the processor and strain it until really well until dry.
3. In a non-stick pot set on medium, pour the pineapple, both sugar, cinnamon, corn syrup and stir constantly so that it won’t burn or stick on the bottom of the pot.
4. Repeat this for about 30 minutes or until thicken.
5. Remove from heat and let it cool. Then place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or overnight to harden it up a little more.
6. After the cooling and harden process, scope into small ball to desire size and set aside.

Pastry Dough:

250 g butter
100 g powder sugar
4 egg yolks
350 g all purpose flour
1 Tbsp corn starch
2 Tsp baking powder
2 Tsp vanilla essence

Egg wash:
1 Egg
A Pinch of salt
1 Tbsp of water
Beat well


1. Preheat oven to 325 F on bake.
2. Blend in the butter and sugar until it nice and fluffy and white.
3. Add the egg yolks one by one and blend at slow for 1 minute.
4. Gradually add the flour and mix well.
5. Put the dough in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to harden a bit.
6. Remove roll out and cut into desire shapes.
7. Brush the egg wash on it evenly.
8. Place the pineapple jam on the top and place in the oven.
9. Bake for 30 minutes or until it is light golden amber.
10. Remove and cool.

Sesame Sticky Rice Square

If you anything that is love sticky rice likes I do and I can’t seem to get enough of it, then here another dessert snack for you. This one the method is exactly the same as the Mango Sticky Rice and Durian Sticky rice. Well maybe a slight difference. You will need roasted sesame instead of the other fruit topping.

If you don’t want to make it a dessert, just don’t put too much sugar and it will be a great and filling snack for the kid to put in their lunch box. That is another recipe all together.
As always make sure to soak your sticky rice in advance.


2 Cup sticky rice
1 Big can of coconut cream (maploy brand is best)
1 ½ Cup of sugar
½ Tsp of salt
½ Cup of roasted sesame
2 Tbsp vanilla extract
Bamboo dim sum basket or it original Thai bamboo steamer


1. Drain the rice the rice. If you using the dim sum bamboo basket, place a cheese clothe on top of it and pour the rice over it, cover. If you’re using the original Thai steamer, just pour the rice in it and cover with a ceramic plate. Fill bottom pot with water half way to the rice, do not touch the rice. Cook for 35- 40 minutes. Make sure to flip and turn it half way so that it will fully cook.
2. When the rice is done, stir it to separate it.
3. Now in a medium sauce pan, pour the coconut cream, sugar and salt and bring to boil.
4. Stir the coconut sauce on the rice and mix well over medium heat until coconut milk is completely absorb and turn clear and shinny texture.
5. Next, sprinkle half the sesame on the rice and mix well again.
6. Now pour the whole mixture on a square pan or glass pan and spread and level.
7. Lastly, sprinkle the sesame on top and press down.
8. Let it sit for half a day to harden then cut into 3 x 3 squares.
9. If you need to cool fast, place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Serve cool.

Mee Ka La (Dried Noodle)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is one of my all time favorite noodle snack. It is just dried noodle with eggs and dried shrimp and pickle shredded carrot and green papaya. The combination of the vegetable pickle and sweet and sour sauce is very complimentary. And the eggs gives it the creaminess, that just melt in your mouth. Of course, I would have to say that this is a preference dish. It neither you love it or just plain hate it. In a way, you have to enjoy the simple taste in order to enjoy this noodle.

The plus part is that there no cooking require, well maybe just a little on the eggs part. In my opinions, the taste is all about preference. If you like simple yet tasty dishes, then this one might just do it for you. Now if you like noodle soup and more fancy type dishes, then this one might just be too simple for you. This is what you would call a poor man noodle or country noodle in the native South East Asia, mainly Cambodia.


6 Eggs, cook and sliced into four pieces
Dark soy sauce
½ Cup dried shrimp, grind
2 Tbsp preserved turnip (in a plastic or ceramic jar for noodle soup)
Bean sprouts
Chopped peanuts (optional)
A couple dash of white pepper
Hot chilies paste sauce
1 Bag fresh noodle

Garlic oil:

2 Garlic gloves, minced
3 Tbsp of vegetable oil

Pickle Vegetable:

1 Tbsp of vinegar
¼ Cup water
3 Tbsp of fish sauce
3 Carrot, shredded
1 Cup papaya, shredded
1 Cucumber cut into small pieces.

* Place the cucumber and shredded carrot and papaya in a plastic container and pour the vinegar, water, fish sauce and set in refrigerator a day or two in advance.


2 Garlic glove, minced
2 Tbsp sugar
½ Tsp salt
½ Cup water
1/4 Cup of fish sauce
1 Tbsp of vinegar


1. Prepare pickle overnight.
2. Making the garlic oil, by bring the oil to hot and add the minced garlic until amber.
3. The next day, prepared the garnish by boiling the eggs and then cutting into small pieces.
4. Next grind the dried shrimp into small flakes.
5. Then make the sauce by bringing the water to boil.
6. Add the minced garlic, fish sauce, sugar and vinegar. When it shimmer pull away from the heat and set aside.
7. To make the noodle. In a noodle strainer, place the noodle over hot boiling water for 5 seconds.
8. Pull out of the pot and let it drip until dry. Place in a serving bowl and add the garlic oil to prevent it from sticking together. Add a dash of dark soy sauce for coloring and mix well.
9. Now add all garnish such egg, bean sprout, preserved turnip, pickle vegetable and dried shrimp.
10. Lastly, top it off with a couple of spoon of the sauce or to desire taste. Enjoy!

Sweet and Sour Shrimp Salad

This salad is a Cambodian country style version. With this salad style, many versions are made from it. The most common one are the beef, shrimp, chicken and pork. There are also other exotic version such as the beef tripe and chicken feet. I seen it made, where both are add and it actually pretty tasty. This is considered as an appetizer or a starter salad that often accompany with another meaty dish. It is often a dish that to be accompany with beer or alcohol for those whom like to snack while drinking, generally it the men in the Asian culture.


1 Lb shrimps, devien, peel, cook then split in half
2 Tbsp fish sauce or to taste
½ Kosher salt
¼ Cup tamarind juice (soak 1 tbsp in hot water for 15 minutes, then strain for the juice only)
2 Tbsp of sugar
¼ Cup of water
8 Thai chilies, minced
½ Cup of sa dao (bitter leave/ flower vegetable, frozen)
1Garlic minced
3 Cups of cabbage, shredded
1 Small onion, shredded
1 Handful of mint
1 Handful of basil
1 Handful of cilantro, cut into small pieces
2 Cups bean sprouts
1 Cucumber, sliced into small pieces
1 Small bell pepper cut into small thin pieces


1. Clean, peel and devien the shrimp. Cook the shrimps in some water for 5 minutes or until it turn pink. Remove split in halves and set aside.
2. Clean the cabbage, sa dao, onion, bell pepper, herbs, Thai chilies, cilantro and bean sprout.
3. Cut all the vegetable and place in a big mixing bowl.
4. Now add all the vegetable together with shrimps, leaving the bean sprout and herbs last.
5. Mix in the tamarind juice, fish sauce, salt, sugar, minced garlic, Thai chilies. Mix well.
6. Lastly add the herbs and bean sprout and toss a couple of time.

Serve as is.

Hai Nam Chicken Rice

Monday, June 7, 2010

Here another dishes that is widely enough and enjoy in many Asian culture. Even though there were some changes that were made passing down from generation to generation and culture to culture, but we can all agreed that it was originated from a region in China call Hai Nam. Or at least this is what it is called in most restaurant and people that I know that makes this dish. Simple as it is, yet the chicken is burst with flavors that compliment the chicken very nicely. My guess is that this is Asian comforting food, or at least it is for our house.

The taste though is very similar, but the ingredients and the sauce might be a bit different. I noticed the Vietnamese and Cambodian version they used broken rice. It actually very good this way too! And they would accompany this dish with some pickle carrot and diakon. As for the sauce they would use the sweet and sour fish sauce.

My version is the Chinese version, the one that you can find in Chinese restaurant.
Although it is easy to make, but it is time consuming. The longest would be steaming the chicken and then cooking the rice. Too bad there no way to shorten the process, unless you used the can chicken broth to cook the rice and steam the chicken at the same time, but it will defeat the whole purpose of this awesome dish. So take the long way, and I guarantee you that you will appreciate it more. So will your family and their health! I know my kids did, because once in awhile they would ask me to make it for them.


1 Whole chicken 4-6 lb (organic best flavor)
1 Cup finely chopped scallion
1 Tbsp powder or cube chicken soup based
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
3 Garlic glove, minced
1 Tsp of ginger minced
1 Tbsp kosher salt + ½ Tsp of salt
½ Tsp black pepper
4 Cup of jasmine rice uncooked, clean

Dipping sauce:

1 Tbsp of vegetable oil
1 Tbsp of ginger, minced
1 Tbsp of scallion, minced
1 Tbsp of cilantro, minced (optional, can used whole to eat as a vegetable)
1 Tsp of sugar

Mix everything together and set aside


1. Clean and towel dried the chicken.
2. Take the minced ½ Tbsp of the salt, ginger, scallion, and garlic and spread it evenly under the chicken skin. Let it sit for 30 minutes or more.
3. In a steamer, add the rest of the salt in enough (10 cups or more) water to steam the chicken. Put it in top tray and steam for 45 minutes.
4. When the chicken is cooked. Remove the water or juice from the chicken steam bottom part and pour it on top of the clean rice in the rice cooker. With your index finger, measure up to the first notch on your finger for nice firm rice. If you like it soft then go past that a little.
5. Press cook and wait.
6. Meanwhile, when the rice is almost done. Sautee the finely chopped scallion in the 2 tbsp of vegetable oil by heating the oil to hot, add the scallion and remove from the stove.
7. Pour the hot oil and scallion on the cook rice with the ½ tsp of salt and mix well.
8. Serve by chopping the chicken to desire size and arrange it around the rice with some cucumber and cilantro. And the dipping sauce on a side.
9. If you still have some juice left, make it into soup by adding some cilantro and white pepper.

Serve hot.

Beef Loc Lak

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I made this a month or so ago and didn’t have a chance to post it up. This is not a hard dish to make, but it is very yummy and good for you. Great way to incorporated vegetable and eggs into your kids balance diet. Well as you know by now, that most of the dish that I made are very common to different Asian culture. For the recipe tend to circulate around and around to different region of Asia and every culture adapted it as their own, with some slight changes.

There not much to give you advice on, only that don’t overcook the beef or it will become chewy, unless you used rib eyes steak. In all it is a very simple and dish to make, so don’t worry, you can’t make any mistake as long as you don’t burn it.


1 Lb Rib eyes beef stead or beef sirlon
2 Tbsp of soy sauce
½ Tsp of dark soy sauce
1 Tbsp oyster sauce
1 Tsp of black pepper
½ Tsp of kosher salt
¼ Cup of corn starch
1 Tbsp of minced garlic
4 Eggs
2 Tbsp of vegetable oil
2 Tomato, thinly sliced
1 Head of red lettuce, clean
1 Medium onion, thinly sliced

Dipping Sauce:

2 Tbsp of lime juice
1 Tsp of white pepper
1 Tsp of salt

Mix well and set aside.


1. Clean and cut into 1” cube. Mix in the corn starch and let it set for 15 minutes.
2. Meanwhile, arrange the plate as shown in the picture above, with lettuce, sliced tomato and sliced onion.
3. Now heat the skillet to hot add 1 tbsp of oil. Wait for a couple of seconds, add the minced garlic until aroma.
4. Add the beef, oyster, dark soy sauce, soy sauce, pepper and salt. Stir until cook, about 5 minutes plus.
5. When the beef is done, scope in and place it on top of the decorated plate.
6. In another clean pan, heat to hot and add the remaining oil. When it hot add the four eggs and cook it to desire. Normally, it prefer that the inside it a little runny. Remove and place on top of the beef.

Water Crest With Oyster Sauce

This vegetarian dish can be found at every dim sum outing. It a very simple dish to prepared, yet is very flavorful and delicious. I often order this to accompany all my other meat dim sum dishes. As mention before, it is a Chinese culture to have at least a vegetable dish and soup to accompany a main dish. Beside from the fact that it taste good, it also a great way to get your green in the menu too!


2 Bunches of water crest clean and dried
1 Tbsp of vegetable oil
½ Tsp of salt
1 Tbsp of oyster sauce
1 Tbsp soy sauce
½ Tsp of sugar (optional)


1. In a mixing bowl mix the oil, oyster sauce, salt and sugar together and set aside.
2. In a pot fill water to half and bring to boil.
3. Add the water crest a little at a time and let it cook slightly.
4. Remove from the pot and directly to the already mix sauce and mix well.
5. Repeat until all is done.
6. Serve hot.

Salt and Pepper Chicken Drumstick

Friday, May 21, 2010

Here another version of the salt and pepper dish. I find this one is very yummy with it crispy out and moist inside, accompany with it salty and pepper taste. Although, I have to admit that I do prefer the shrimp version better, but the chicken is just as good. If you haven’t realized by now that our house love chicken, then this should seal it. Yes, we love chicken and there was even a time where we only had chicken. You name it we ate. Chicken soup, chicken dumpling, chicken noodle, fried chicken, broil chicken, stir fried chicken etc….And then there was a long pause from chicken, because we feel that we’re actually turning into a chicken from eating too much chicken. Lol Or at least that what my husband said.

Anyway, let not get off subject. The purpose of this recipe is for anyone and everyone out there that don’t have a lot time to cook and want something that is fast, easy and delicious. I can attest to you that this is the recipe for you. Beside from the cleaning and cutting the vegetable part, which is actually the time consuming part, the rest is a breeze. Well at least it is for me. You see, I don’t have a lot of patient. Therefore, I like to every thing fast. And things as vegetable washing and cutting sort of slow me down. When I do feel too drain and too busy, sometime I make my son do all this tedious work for me, so that I can just go and do the major part. It like having an assistant, the only thing is that he learning in the process.


10 Chicken drumstick, but into two or three small pieces
¼ Cup of corn starch
1 Egg white
1 Tbsp of white pepper
1 Tsp of black pepper
1 Tbsp of kosher salt
½ Cup of finely chopped scallion
½ Cup of finely chopped jalapeño


1. Clean and dried chicken. Cut it into three pieces and mix the egg white in completely.
2. Next, mix the corn starch in let it sit for 10 minutes. Heat the fryer at this time to hot.
3. Cook it in the fryer for 15 minutes or until done and golden brown. Do it in three small batches, so that it won’t stick together and it crisper this way.
4. As soon as you pick it out of the flyer place it in a mixing bowl and sprinkle the salt, pepper and white pepper on it. Toss it a couple of time.
5. Lastly, toss in the minced scallion and jalapeno and give it one more toss.

Serve with hot rice.

Five Spice Pork Belly With Eggs

Ok I know that every family have their own version of this dish regardless if you’re Chinese, Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese or Lao. And I also noticed that different culture make it almost the same way but just sweeter or darker. Naturally this would happen, due to the fact that everyone have different taste bud and the recipe that is being past down from generations had to change a little in every culture.

I like mine not too sweet but more salty and lots of black pepper. I consider my taste bud pretty bold, therefore my flavor is very intense. The combination of sweet and salty have to compliment each other and be able to match one another. Oh, and we love eggs so if you haven’t noticed I put a lot of eggs. And I like it brown. Usually it gets that way the next day when it have time to absorb the flavor and coloring. Thus it also known as brown eggs that often sell on the street cart in most part of Asia.
As for the soup, make sure it not too runny or too thick. It has to be the right consistency for the full flavor goodness.


4 Pieces of pork bellies cut into 2 inches pieces
2 Inches ginger slice diagonally
3 Star anises
1 Tsp of five spice powder
2 Tbsp of oyster sauce
½ Cup of soy sauce or to taste
¼ Cup of dark soy sauce
¼ Cup brown or malt sugar
1 Tbsp of minced garlic
1 Tbsp of vegetable oil
3 + Tbsp of black pepper
12 + Eggs

* Boil the egg in advance and let it cool before peeling it.


1. In a hot pot add the oil and bring to hot.
2. Add the minced garlic until golden and aroma. Then add the ginger.
3. Add the soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar with 1 cup of water and bring it to thicken.
4. Add the sliced pork pieces and dark soy sauce and stir for 6 to 7 minutes or until it is brown and sauce thicken some more.
5. Add some more water to cover the pork with the rest of the ingredients such as the star anises, five spice powders, black pepper and egg.
6. Cover slightly and cook for at least 35 minutes or until it slightly tender and the juice thicken. Depending how tender you like it. Cook to preference.
7. Turn off and let it sit for 35 minutes so that the flavor will intensify.

Reheat once more to grab the bold flavor and serve.

Chicharrone with Hot Sauce

I accidentally discover this one day years ago. Although I like the concept of chicharrone with spicy sauce sandwich, still the taste was lacking something. Not until a couple of years ago, in a desperate attempted to make something out of my pantry did I came up with this recipe. I know that there are many kind of chicharrone sandwich recipes out there and I haven’t tried it all yet. This is something that I made up to my taste bud and it a very delicious one indeed. I only make upon request from my sons whom love it with a passion. There is something with the spiciness and sweet combination of the sauce and the chewy texture that makes it so addicting. And with all the health conscious food lately, this may not be good for you, but it sure does good.


1 Big bag of Mexican chicharrone (pork cracking)
1 Small can of chipotle chilies
2 Large onions chopped
2 Chile pod soak to tender
1 Tbsp of butter
2 Tbsp of cinder vinegar
1 Bunch of cilantro
2 Tbsp of brown Sugar
2 Cup chicken broth


1. In a hot skillet melt the butter and add the chopped onion and sauté until golden amber and aroma, remove from heat.
2. In a blender place the chipotle chilies, cilantro and sauté onion and give it a three to four pulse. Don’t over blend it. Leave it a bit chunky.
3. Bring it back to the pot and add the rest of the ingredients in and bring to boil.
4. Lower the heat to medium and add the chicharrone and stir until all is fully absorbed by the chicharrone. Doing this process make it tender and flavorful. About 10 minutes process.
5. Remove and let cool slightly.
6. Serve on bread.

Mango Mousse Cake

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Latest update version of it. Using less mango and more gelatin with more staining.

For my son 12 birthday, I decided to make him this mango mouse cake since he love anything mango. Beside I can’t let mango season pass by without celebrating it with this melts in your mouth Asian style cake. I’ve always been fascinated with this cake and often ponder on how it is made and why is tasted so different from the American cake version. Now the reason I mention this is that Asian sponge cake tend to be very delicate and less sweet, due to the fact that they like to use whipped cream icing. As for the American sponge cake are hard and it uses butter cream that is super sweet. I don’t really have a taste for that latter version.

After years of research and many mistakes and errors I learnt a few tips and techniques to perfect my Asian cake version, but this is my first time making the mango mousse version. Although I made the mouse a bit runny, due to the fact that I over saturated it mango that was too chunky, it turn out very good taste wise. We actually finished the cake in one day, between the four of us! And this will not be the last time. There will be many more attempts and errors. Hopefully I will perfect it next time around. Now I can’t wait until another birthday comes up.


For the mousse

6 Large mangos

• Peel the mango and puree it with a half cup of water.

For the fruit glaze:

1 Tbsp of clear gelatin
3 Tbsp hot water
• Dissolve the gelatin in hot water when ready to do the fruit topping.

For the chocolate designs

1 Dark chocolate bar
1 Milk chocolate bar

Melt in microwave for 1 minute. Stir it every 30 seconds to blend.
Remove from microwave and leave for 5 second or until slightly cool, dip two fingers into it and spread it on parchment paper to dry. To make the top design, just scope some on a spoon and carefully make your zig zag design. Let it set for 30 minutes.

Mango Mouse

1 ½ cup puree mango
1 ½ cup heavy whipping cream
¼ Cup powder sugar
2 Tbsp of clear gelatin
2 Tbsp boil water


1. In a clean cool metal bowl mix the heavy whipping until form.
2. Add the sugar and whipped until whip cream stage.
3. Add the mango and blend well.
4. Add the clear gelatin into the hot water until fully melt and slightly thicken.
5. Let it cool for about 1 minute then blend in with the whipping cream.
6. Place in the refrigerator for a 1 or so to stiffen some more.

For the mango glaze

1 Tbsp of clear gelatin
½ Cup mango puree
3 Tbsp of hot water
½ Lemon juice
2 Tbsp of sugar

1. After the cake is fully glazed, wrap a piece of parchment paper 2 inches about around the cake.
1. Heat the water to hot, add the clear gelatin and stir until melt.
2. Pour the gelatin in the mango puree adding the lemon juice.
3. Pour on top of the cake and let it sit for 30 to 45 minute to sit in the refrigerator.

Asian Chiffon Cake

1 ½ Cup of cake flour ( for 1 Cup of flour used only 6 to 7 eggs)
½ Tsp of baking powder
½ Cup of Sugar + 2 Tbsp
¼ Tsp cream of tartar
½ Cup of water
¼ Cup of oil
1 Tsp of vanilla extract
9 Eggs separated


1. Preheat over to bake at 350 F.
2. Shift the cake flour and baking powder.
3. In a blender, blend the oil, sugar and water.
4. Add the egg yolks and vanilla extract, blend on medium for a couple of minutes.
5. Slowly pour the flour and blend well or until pale yellow and fluffy, about 1 minutes or so.
6. In another cold metal bowl, whip the eggs white to foamy, add the cream of tartar and sugar to stiff. When you turn the bowl upside down, the egg would stay in shape and not off.
7. Now slowly fold the flour into the eggs white. Do not over mix or it will deflated.
8. Grease two 8 inches round pan and lined with parchment paper on the side. Slowly pour the batter into it.
9. Bake for 35- 45 minutes or until golden amber and a toothpick is clean when poke in the center.
10. Remove from oven and let it cool for 5 minutes. Then move to a cake rake to cool for at least a couple of hours or more.
11. When it cooled down. Ice one of the layer in the mango mousse or cut each layer into two so and ice between each to make four layers cake. If you’re using four layer, use the mousse sparingly or you won’t have enough all around. Or you can double your mousse batch. Finish off the mousse by icing all over the cake. Let it set in the refrigerator for at least 45 minutes.
12. After the 45 minutes, remove and lined the side with a parchment paper tightly. Making sure that non of the glaze would drip to the side.
13. Pour the warm mango glaze over it evenly.
14. Now for the fruit topping. Just dip the fruit into the warm fruit glaze and coat evenly.
15. Place it in your desire design.
16. Place it the refrigerator about 45 minutes to let it set.
17. Remove from the refrigerator and remove the parchment paper and decorate the side of the cake with the harden chocolate on the side and on top if desire.

This cake is best serve cold. And leave in the refrigerator to harden the glaze and when not serving.

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