Chewy Colorful Dessert

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here something for anyone, whom like me love, love chewy dessert with rich coconut milk and palm sugar combination. This dessert is so good, that is almost impossible to stop eating once you started. It very easy to make using readily made Lod Chong Singapore style package, coconut gel cube and giant boba. As for the pink round shape it made from tapioca flour and sticky rice flour combine. The rest is just coconut milk and palm sugar. There no way to put in words how good this is. It just very refreshing and addicting, especially in the hot Summer heat, serve over crush ice.

Kanom Chan

This one is more of the Thai version.

This is Khmer version.

I have been away so long, that it made me realized that I don't really have enough time to post any new recipes. Now I came up with a solution to my busy days. I will post photo of the food that I made and if anyone that reading want the recipe that goes with it just drop me a comment and I'll make sure to post it up.

With that being said, you will get to enjoy more of my photography side than my writing skill. So now I can say that I am truly going to commit some more time to load some picture up.

Last weekend, I decided to make some chewy dessert call Kanom Chan in Thai and Nom Chak Ka Chan in Cambodia. Now if you're wondering to yourself and asking yourself what is the difference? There is actually a lot and not very much. First of all if anyone ever bought this from the Khmer market and the Thai market, you will noticed a different in texture, fragrance and taste. I can honestly say that the Khmer version is a lot easier to make, because of the ingredients that are readily available being rice flour and Tapioca flour.

As for the Thai version it very similar method but they omitted the rice flour and used only tapioca flour and sweet potato starch or cassava starch. This making it very chewy and gummy like, but enough to still melts in your mouth. Of course, this is an acquire taste and preference. Oh yeah, Thai tend to used Jasmine flavor with this dessert where the Khmer version is more leaning toward pandan flavor.

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