Babies Theme Cake

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sorry been away for so long. With all that going on in my life right now, I have too much to get process all at once. Anyway, glad to get back on track and start to post again. Now let get started.

In this past couple of months I had made two cakes. One was for my baby boy 1st Summer Lua birthday bash. Therefore I decided to make an island inspired cake with teddy grams and fishes splashing around the water oasis. I used the same Asian sponge cake recipe and whipping. I got this idea from Parent’s Magazine and decided to do a Lua thyme with it. It was a great success! We had great food, great time with families and friends.

The second cake was for my little princess 3rd birthday. For some reasons, maybe because it winter and cold outside, we never have a chance to make her a lavish birthday party…including this year. In quote from my cousin “this is the saddest birthday party ever” of course maybe it is because we didn’t invited anyone. We just want to celebrate our princess birthday on quieter note. Just with the people that love her most, her family.
Now as for the cake, it was not hard to make at all. It was just a little tedious work with all the gum paste coral that was made overnight, but it turn beautifully. And the plus side was that she had fun helping me roll and cut them too! It was a great way to spend quality time with my birthday girl. As for the icing, well that wasn’t too hard, but a bit of a mess to clean up. In the end it was all worth the effort and time. As a mom, I feel that whatever little I have, I will make it an effort to do whatever I can for my kids big or small. And hopefully they can pass this tradition down to their own kids one day with sweet memories of growing up.

Here are the recipe for the Asian sponge cake and whipped cream icing..All you need is some food colors and creativity...
Babies Birthday Cake


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