Five Spice Pork Belly With Eggs

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ok I know that every family have their own version of this dish regardless if you’re Chinese, Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese or Lao. And I also noticed that different culture make it almost the same way but just sweeter or darker. Naturally this would happen, due to the fact that everyone have different taste bud and the recipe that is being past down from generations had to change a little in every culture.

I like mine not too sweet but more salty and lots of black pepper. I consider my taste bud pretty bold, therefore my flavor is very intense. The combination of sweet and salty have to compliment each other and be able to match one another. Oh, and we love eggs so if you haven’t noticed I put a lot of eggs. And I like it brown. Usually it gets that way the next day when it have time to absorb the flavor and coloring. Thus it also known as brown eggs that often sell on the street cart in most part of Asia.
As for the soup, make sure it not too runny or too thick. It has to be the right consistency for the full flavor goodness.


4 Pieces of pork bellies cut into 2 inches pieces
2 Inches ginger slice diagonally
3 Star anises
1 Tsp of five spice powder
2 Tbsp of oyster sauce
½ Cup of soy sauce or to taste
¼ Cup of dark soy sauce
¼ Cup brown or malt sugar
1 Tbsp of minced garlic
1 Tbsp of vegetable oil
3 + Tbsp of black pepper
12 + Eggs

* Boil the egg in advance and let it cool before peeling it.


1. In a hot pot add the oil and bring to hot.
2. Add the minced garlic until golden and aroma. Then add the ginger.
3. Add the soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar with 1 cup of water and bring it to thicken.
4. Add the sliced pork pieces and dark soy sauce and stir for 6 to 7 minutes or until it is brown and sauce thicken some more.
5. Add some more water to cover the pork with the rest of the ingredients such as the star anises, five spice powders, black pepper and egg.
6. Cover slightly and cook for at least 35 minutes or until it slightly tender and the juice thicken. Depending how tender you like it. Cook to preference.
7. Turn off and let it sit for 35 minutes so that the flavor will intensify.

Reheat once more to grab the bold flavor and serve.


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