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Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is one of those desserts that is very simple to make, yet makes a great compliment to any meal. I personally love this dessert because it chewy texture combined with the sweet coconut syrup just melts in your mouth. And it gets better with every bite as the palm sugar flavor just linger in your mouth. Therefore I love making this dessert a few times a year. Usually during the moon festival and Chinese New Year, because it of it round shapes it represent longevity.

Now there are many different versions of this yummy chewy balls dessert. Some would have bean stuffing in them, some would add taro, sweet potato and even pumpkin. Of course it different region it would also be call differently. I only have three flavor preferences of these little balls. One would be the plain one with nothing else but coconut palm sugar to compliment it. The others would be the taro and the pumpkin version. As for this version it would be the simplest version, the plain one and it also known as the Thai dessert version. Of course, as for the syrup you can omitted the coconut if you don’t like creamy version and use rock sugar, malt or palm sugar would compliment it nicely.

Next time I will make the pumpkin version.


1 Cup of glutinous rice flour
1 Tsp of clear vanilla (optional)
1 Tbsp of wheat starch (make it nice and soft)
¾ Cup of boiling water plus 3 cups for boiling
2 Cup of coconut milk
¾ Cup of palm sugar
A pine of salt

• You can add some food coloring into it to make it more pretty and fun to eat.


1. Bring water to boil.
2. In a large bowl, add the flour and wheat starch and make a well in the center.
3. Slowly pour ½ cup of the boiling water in a little at a time to and stir until it is the right consistency. If it too wet add some more flour, if too dry add some more water.
4. Now knead the flour until it pliable.
5. Dusting your finger with some flour, take a nickel size dough and roll it into a ball.
6. Drop the ball into the boiling water to cook it. When it floats up it done.
7. Meanwhile you can make the syrup by bring the coconut milk to boil. Then add the sugar and salt. When it completely boiled, turn off and set aside.
8. After the balls are done. Remove from the water and add into the coconut milk syrup.

Serve hot.


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