Mango Pudding

Sunday, January 23, 2011

When mango season in, I often stock it up. Once because I just love mango or anything with mango in it! As long as I can remembered, I always love eat thing ripe, fragrant fruit. My favorite memories would be the taste mango’s roll up that my grandma used to make for my after school snack. And then there all those ripe mango that we often eat after every meal in place of dessert. It would be mango everyday when it in season and it would often be what I look forward to most to dinner time. That how obsession with mango and all the dessert I love to make with it. As I grew older I would tried every kind of dessert that have mango in it and attempting to make and perfecting it. This one is just plain and simple, yet so refreshing and good for you. Great to for those hot Summer day after a nice meal. Or a beautiful table display for dinner parties or get together. Great way to leave an impression!


2 Ripe large mangos
1 Packet clear gelatin
½ Cup of hot water
1/3 Cup of sugar
Strawberry for garnishing


1. Scope the mango into a blender and pulse three or four time until it fully blended.
2. In a hot heat the water to boil then add the gelatin. Stir quickly until it fully dissolved.
3. Now add the sugar and mango and stir until fully blend.
4. Pour into desire mold or cup.
5. Let it sit in the refrigerator for an hour or so.
6. When it harden remove and garnish with strawberry.

Serve cold.


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