Mung Bean Pudding Dessert

Monday, January 31, 2011

Here another one of the simply yet satisfying your sweet tooth dessert. There not much to this dessert recipe. It is as simple as it gets and taste as good as it should. Yet it one of the most sorts after dessert by most Asian home. I guess the mung bean is supposed to be good for you that it gives a cooling effect to the body. Whatever the reasons are, I just simply can never resist the sticky, gooey texture of this dessert where the combination of the mung bean, sugar and creamy coconut milk just melts in your mouth and satisfying your sugar craving. Of course, there not many versions out there only the thickness that is different. I like mine very thick and gooey with lots of the delicious sweet and salty coconut cream on top of it. I got to admit that the best version that I ever had was the one at this Vietnamese dessert shop on Westminster street somewhere in Westminster, California if I remember correctly. This place makes the best dessert ever! When you walk in there you can smell the sweet aroma of all the dessert and the coconut cream. I just love the thickness of how they make it there and coconut milk is to die for! If you ever happen to be in that area, it a must stop..


1 Cup of hulled yellow split mung beans (soak in cold water overnight)
4 Cups of water
1 Cup of sugar
2 Tbsp of tapioca starch 3 tbsp of cold water mix together

Coconut Milk Topping

1 Cup of coconut milk
1/2 Tsp of salt
3 Tbsp of sugar
½ Tsp of tapioca starch 1 tbsp of cold water mix together


1. Using a steamer, line with cheese cloth and pour the soaked mung bean into it. Make a circle in the middle to have the steam distribute evenly. Cook for a good 25 minutes or until cook. Make sure do not over cook it or it will fall apart.
2. In a pot add the water and sugar and bring it to boil. Stir in the tapioca liquid and stir constantly to prevent burning the bottom of the pot. When it thicken and clear add the cook mung bean and stir lightly to mix.
3. In another small pot heat the coconut milk, sugar and salt to boil. Then add the tapioca liquid in it and stir until it thicken.

Serve hot with coconut milk topping. Great with Chinese’s donut Yao Tiew too!


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