Sear Tuna Wrap in Black Sesame

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Twice a month we would get our sushi craving by making it at home. Of course when I say sushi, what I meant is sashimi. We rarely have sushi unless in roll or wrap version. Beside the kids don’t really sushi, due to the fact they don’t like anything raw.
Yes, I said raw. I know for those of you out there that never had sushi are thinking. Is it safe? Is it good? How could you eat that stuff? I got all of that remarks and more when I tell people that I love sushi.

So here a quick tips for those of you sushi fearing people out there. Of course, sushi always seem so exotic and enticing when eating at a sushi bar or restaurant. Maybe it the atmosphere and the company or the price tag or just the though of someone making it makes it taste so much better. Even though it assumed to cleaner and safer, it not always is. But if you have no other choice for what reason make sure that the restaurant is busy, slow restaurant meant the food is not always fresh.

And if unfortunate like me where sushi bar is rarity and making at home is not an option but a must then here how to prepare your fish.

• Make sure to always buy sushi grade fish
• Clean and freeze it over night.
• Defrost in the refrigerator only. Never, never room temperature or hot water.
• Cut and serve right away when it super cold.
• As always it taste awesome with soy sauce and wasabi!


1 Piece of Sushi grade tuna
3 Tbsp of black sesame
1/8 Cup of soy sauce
1 Tsp of Chinese hot sauce
1 Tsp of rice vinegar
1 Tbsp of wasabi
1 Tbsp shredded daikon for garnish

For the sauce: Mix the soy sauce, vinegar and hot sauce together.


1. Take the piece of tuna out of the freezer and semi defrosted it in the refrigerator.
2. Roll the tuna in the sesame, make sure to cover all corner.
3. Heat the skillet to hot and place the tuna to cook about 1 minute on each side.
4. Remove from the skillet and with a sharp knife slice carefully against the grain.
5. Assemble it on the plate and carefully spoon the sauce over it and garnish with daikon, hot sauce and wasabi like in the picture above.
Chill and serve cold.


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