Sunday, July 17, 2011

I been looking for the recipe for some time now. Chendol is another form of Lod Chong, just a slight difference in texture and much chewier. There are many name for it, but the one I am familiar with is the Thai’s version known as Singapore Lod Chong, using topical starch or mung bean starch instead of the regular rice flour with lime stone water. In Cambodian lotus root starch is their main ingredient. I know that Vietnamese have the same dessert that they put in their rainbow color drink, and I am assuming that they used tropical starch due to it super chewy, clear texture. In all, I think this dessert is awesome in each and every form. I just love the chewy texture combination with creamy coconut flavor that sweet and salty. It just hits the spot for my sweet tooth craving every single time. This refreshing sweetness it great on serve on shave ice, in a coconut milk drink or just alone with drench in coconut milk syrup, you’ll never just have one serving!
Here what I found out after many experiments with the different kind of starch:
Mung bean starch makes it more bouncy and less chewy.
Lotus root starch soft and chewy, almost melt in your melt texture.
Topical starch is very chewy and almost little or no bounce. Have to chew long before digesting.

1 Cup starch
3 cup water for lotus starch and 3 ½ cup water for the mung bean flour
1 to 2 drops of pandans extract for flavoring and green coloring

Coconut Milk Syrup
1 Can coconut milk
¾ Cup of palm sugar
½ Tsp of salt
Over medium heat add everything and bring to boil. Add the sugar a little at a time taste. Turn off and set aside.

1. Mix the water and the flour until blended.
2. Heat over medium heat and stir constantly.
3. When it starting to clump up, lower the heat to low and continue stirring in one direction to keep the consistency going.
4. It is done when it is sticky, shiny and clear. That about a good 15 minutes of stirring.
5. Remove from heat and pour into the lod chong presser. Making sure that the presser is only ½ above ice water.
6. Let it sit in the water for a good 10 minutes then remove and serve with the coconut milk, with or without ice.


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